Hospital Recovery



Brutally honest death is...  but fairness always beyond comprehension
 by mortals locked in the matrix...

Free your mind...  free you Soul...  the body is a prison used to
 to enslave the freedom of infinity.

I stepped beyond the body and the mind and found myself...

 not in Oneness,

 but in utter terror.

 Absolute silence and no time beyond time beyond form.

The only thing left was my point of view.

In the middle of it all.

The abject terror of infinite dimension surrounding me

No form No time No me...

Yet there was an infinite fractal spinning as I turned

back and forth

 trying desperately to get back

to this

 even when I couldn't remember what "this" was...

 thrashing about in the infinite center

thinking that I had to do something'

to get out

to get back

 until I heard my friend say

remember "love"

 and I did, I thought "love... love.... love..."

 and I stopped by spinning back and forth

 as the world formed around me once again

 and I knew

 this periphery, this illusion surrounding me

 is just a diversion, no matter how real it seems...

like a dream I cannot wake from...

and I create this room, this floor these walls...]

and everything around me in a sphere of illusion

a matrix entrapped by my temporary senses

a comfortable prison of form

that barely separates me
from the terror

of abject infinity, fractals... fractals...  fractals...

stretching for miles and miles until I cannot see the endpoint


 and yet I do not fall like I thought I would

 I remain here in the center

 with nothing to fear

 and yet I claw my way back to this mundane

 drab existence where reptilians feed on fear

but I will never forget the promise I made

just to get back

 that I will never tell...  I will never tell...  I will never tell.

I lied even then.

So, even at the cost of death, I will tell you now...

 the truth I saw.

 Infinity, terrifying infinity, surrounds us all...

 Just beyond the limit of our perceptions...

 Of what we can see, hear, feel, taste and touch...

 Its there, I know it is.

 I saw it.

I will never forget.

Everything splits in shards and the light appears






 There is no sound in the timeless realm.

 Only infinite fractal dimension spreading out from the center.

 The center that is You without You without form or body or mind.

Just a point of view - but you can still think!!!

 and that my friend is the terrifying part.

I thought I would find Oneness

and all I found was terrifying isolation.

 and spinning infinite fractal spirals emanating
 from me as me...  as everything.


©2008 Mike Shea