Faerie Court by Thomas Maybank






Flutter By:


Pick me! Trick me! Take me High!

Recites a rising flutter-by

Though soon ago your form was fed

Cocooned, encased in silken bed

And now exploring gardens sweet

You stretch your wings and wet your feet.

I pray you’ll stray when next you land

On silken fibers woven grand

So soft the binding spindles creep

Familiar seams once guarding sleep

Have picked and chosen, lured and led

A flutter-by to spider’s bed.


-Megan Singletary ‘03





Fiction is fiction:


Fiction is fiction

No passion is blind

No art spawns from still observation.

Though could we agree

That if fiction it be

Life would no longer need speculation.


Feeling and thought

Braided, twisted and taught

Could be spliced and examined as two

And those with a will

To employ the skill

Would form prose in a lateral view.


And if all that were ugly were easy to hate

Decipher, reject, and unwind

Then everything gilded and cherished to date

Would be courted by only the mind.


But emotion alas

Will perplex and contort

Bringing fire to all that is sane

To all who inquire

A life of this sort

Suffers long as a lifeless refrain.


-Megan Singletary ‘03





Copyright © 2004 Megan Singletary