Forks Road, The Forsaken Civil War

(In memory of those who fought and died in the Wilmington Campaign)


These men,

these valiant young men,

now lie silent and still

beneath the green of fields.


Their sacrifice of hands and feet,

of arms and legs and life,

deserve better than disregard,

deserve better than disrespect.


Who are they who forgot their names,

marred their victory

and scarred the ground

that caught their blood?


Those without conscience;

those who have no honor,

who covered their battlements

with sand and steel;


those who mocked their victory;

those who shamed their memory;

those who hid their bodies

with mortar and bricks and wood.


These men!

These courageous young men!

Who will speak for you

now that others have silenced your voices?



©2016 John M. Marshall